AUGUST 29, 2015

Upcoming Officials' clinics: (updated August 29 , 2015)
See Clinics/Training page for calendar and detailed information.

Administrative Official Clinics

Notify Kent Steeves of your intent to attend one of the AO clinics.

.Stroke & Turn Clinics
(clinics are open to attendees from any club)

Look under Clinics/Training for additional information on these clinics.

Please email Kent Steeves if your club would like to host a clinic.

Starter Clinics 
If you are interested in becoming certified as a starter and have been certified as a stroke & turn judge for at least one year, please email Mark Geleskie to inquire about a clinic. An "invitation" is not required to attend a starter clinic.


Referee Clinic

 Contact Kent Steeves if you are interested in attending a clinic for new Referees.  You must have been certified as a Starter for at least one year.


 USA Swimming article on Cecil Gordon from Worlds


For all MA Referees:

Middle Atlantic Referees will have to complete the online Admin Official test if they want to remain certified as an AO after July 1, 2015(unless they have already completed the test). 

Since late 2013, an Admin Official has been a required position at all sanctioned meets. Many MA Referees were initially certified in the AO position based on their experience and allowed to fill that position at MA meets.  Those initial certifications have been extended for Referees that attended an AO clinic or reviewed and certified the AO clinic materials, and/or completed the online Admin Official test.

All MA Referees have had to complete the online Admin Referee test for their initial certification as a Referee.  This test covers most of the topics and issues relevant to the Admin Official position.  However, the Referee re-certification test which is taken every two years by MA Referees only minimally covers those topics.  To ensure that MA Referees remain knowledgeable with the AO tasks, current MA Referees that have not completed the AO test and who want to remain certified as an AO must complete the online Admin Official test in order to also be certified as AO.  (New Referees initially certified since January, 2014 do not need to take the AO test as they completed the Admin Referee test for their initial certification.)  You can determine your status as an AO by printing your certification card from the OTS.


Feb 2015 Admin Officials Newsletter

REGISTRATION INFORMATION - 2015  (new INFO - October 8, 2014) 

All Middle Atlantic Officials are reminded that they must renew and maintain their USA Swimming Non-athlete membership for 2015.  Download the 2015 membership application here. 


All Athlete Protection Training (APT) programs that were due to expire at the end of this year have now been extended until 12/31/2015 - and do not need to be renewed at this time.  If you have recently completed the APT program, it will be valid until 12/31/2016.   (Note: if you take the APT program, be sure that it links to your membership record;  do NOT use the link to the 'customized course for parents.'


 BackGround Checks (BGC) must be renewed every two years.  Since new BGC are valid for two years from the month of renewal – you should wait until the expiration month to renew in order to get the maximum benefit. Check your laminated membership card for the expiration date.  


If your certification as an Official expires at the end of 2014, in addition to renewing your non-athlete membership, you must also complete the USA Swimming online re-certification test for your highest certification level.  The complete re-certification requirements can be found here.   You can determine the number of sessions worked by reviewing your account in the OTS.  You will receive email notification when your certification has been extended.  Any questions about your certification should be sent to Fred Killian .

ADMIN OFFICIALS (rev 9/10/14)


Current AO.  The certification of all current Middle Atlantic AO will be extended for one year thru 12/31/2015 – provided that the AO maintains and satisfies the USA Swimming membership requirements for 2015 (includes maintaining your APT and Background Check Level 2).


New AO.  The revised certification requirements for AO beginning Sept 1, 2014 include: (a) attendance at a clinic for AO; (b) completion of the online AO test; (c) working as an apprentice at four MA meet sessions, including one session each as computer operator and as timing judge.  The certification requirements are summarized here.  The AO evaluation form can be found here.  (Note: the forms can be scanned and emailed to officials@maswim.org  when completed.)

All AO certifications will be for approximately two years (ending on December 31.)  Re-certification requirements include maintaining USA Swimming membership, completion of the online AO re-certification test, and working as an AO at a minimum of twelve (12) MA meet sessions.

Open Water Swimming in Middle Atlantic:
Link to most current information on MA Open Water Swimming

Find more information here:
Open Water Safety Plan and Guidebook
Open Water Sanction Application Checklist Guidebook
Open Water Emergency Legislation

2015-2016 SC/LC schedule

Thank you for your help during the 2015-16 season!

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If you are in need of a clinic for new officials in your area, please contact Kent Steeves.

Meet Directors/Officials' Coordinators: Please contact Kent Steeves for instructions to access the most current officials' distribution list.

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